Saturday, July 24, 2010

Advance Business Consulting, Increase your costumers flow...

Jose Cintron,MBA Advance Business Consulting

Do you need more clients for your business?

Many small business owners are faced with this problem. If you are one of these professional with small or limited advertising budget, an alternative way you can promote your business that will cost you only the opportunity cost are:

Networking: Using this tool - GAS
Give your knowledge, Answer questions and Solve their problems.

Talk to Everyone
You'll find that the more people you tell about your business, the more you'll discover people who know someone needing your service or product.
Place a non stop Ads on Craigslist
Find your local city and place an Ad under the "Services, Financial or the most related to your product" section of Craigslist advertising your product or business.
Chat on a Groups,Forums and IM and Social Media
Find an online group that is in the same category as the type of businesses you are targeting for your business. (Linked in,Facebook) Make helpful posts without promoting yourself at this time.
Write Articles and blogs and Submit them to the internet:
Write articles and blogs that would be helpful to small business owners and submit them to article directories. You should have a link and share to your business website and others.

Promoting your business so you can get more clients doesn't have to be expensive. But you must make an effort every single day to build your client base, you'll soon have more clients that you can handle. Network, Network and Network. Did I say network.

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